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Fortel is committed to delivering consistently high standards of service to its customers, to agreed specifications by means of an organisation in which individuals have and accept clearly defined responsibilities for the quality of their work, are provided with information on the required standards of service, and are trained and competent to carry out their work. The standards of service for managing quality will be integrated with those for managing health, safety and the environment in a manner which safeguards the quality of the product and the achievement of specified customer requirements plus all other applicable requirements. These standards of service will be maintained within a framework for continual improvement which will work towards achieving Quality Systems compliant to ISO 9001, Rail RISQS supplier qualification scheme and SIA Approved Contractor Status. Implementation of our management system will be delivered through professional standards of risk, safety, environmental, quality and production management. This policy will be reviewed for continuing suitability and adequacy in line with our process for management reviews of the Quality Management System. Our pursuit of excellence in the delivery of these services is not an option, but a business necessity which will be achieved by:

  • Getting our work "right first time" by operating an integrated management system
  • Improve communication by listening and talking to our customers, understanding and meeting their needs.
  • Creating a work environment in which all employees have the opportunity to fulfil their potential
  • Ensuring that the established culture of continual improvement at every level of the organisation is effective
  • Establish a business management system that clearly defines how activities and resources are organised
  • Setting clear objectives and actively involving all our people in their attainment
  • Ensuring that decisions are based upon analysis of data and information
  • Working as teams both within our organisation and with our customers, sub-contractors and suppliers

This policy will be brought to the attention of all employees and persons working on behalf of the company and reviewed annually.

Mr M Tour

Policies Director

FG-PD01 - Issue 10 - 21.03.19