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Gender Pay
Gap Report

In accordance with Gender Pay Gap Reporting Regulations,any UK organisation employing 250 or more employees has to report on its gender pay gap:

  • the mean and median gender pay gaps
  • the mean and median gender bonus gaps
  • the proportion of men and women who received bonuses
  • the number of males and females according to quartile pay bands

Equal pay looks at pay differences between people carrying out the same or comparable work but the gender pay gap is the difference in the average earnings between men and women regardless of the roles they perform. Fortel is confident that it pays broadly equally for work of equal value.

Fortel actively promotes a diverse workforce regardless of gender, race, age, sexual orientation or disability. The Company is an Equal Opportunities Employer, Disability Confident Employer and a Black and Minority Employer.

The company has reported a median gender pay gap of -153.8% and a mean gender pay gap of -0.5%. A median gender bonus gap of -73.70% and mean gender bonus gap of 70.43%.

Females and Males in each Quartile:

1 : Females = 3.4 Males = 96.6
2 : Females = 2.9 Males = 97.1
3 : Females = 2.9 Males = 97.1
4 : Females = 6.9 Males = 93.1

The proportion of Males receiving bonus was 8.2% and proportion of Females receiving a bonus was 20.5%.

This report shows the steps taken by Fortel to genuinely tackle pay gaps have started to make an impact. The Company will continue building on its family friendly and flexible working policies and support women returning to work after taking maternity leave,including with part-time working and orjobsharing opportunities.

We will continue to explore how to attract more women into theorganisation by reviewing our recruitment and talent retention practicesin order to create a more even gender balance; especially in more senior roles. Fortel has successfullyrecruited more women via apprenticeship programmes.

Further objectives being considered are establishing a mentor pool, to capture skillsets in both mentor and trainee profiles;promoting progress and activities in blogs, bios, tweets, newsletters and case studies; engaging with educational institutions to actively promote careers in our industry and demonstrate opportunities are there for all.

We are committed to making sure all of our employees are rewarded equally and fairly, irrespective of gender.

Ian Smith

Financial Director