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At Fortel, innovation goes hand in hand with productivity and our evolving service models combine efficient and cost effective labour solutions with the flexibility to fit in with your resourcing processes.

managed vendor

Managed Vendor

A managed vendor contract gives us responsibility for meeting your staffing needs, initially from our own network or in partnership with other suppliers for rare and specialised skills. Supported by our state of the art technology platform, this approach cuts costs by standardising prices and eliminating duplication while still delivering qualified people to your sites in the shortest possible time.

neutral vendor

Neutral Vendor

Under a neutral vendor setup, vacancies are passed to all partner suppliers at the same time via a technology platform. This gives you the widest possible choice of candidates via an easy to use online system. It's an approach that demands a little more of your own HR staff, but allows you to select specific people or groups from a wide pool.


Fortel Hybrid Vendor

Our innovative hybrid vendor model combines the best of managed and neutral vendor approaches by requiring a group of suppliers to organise and manage themselves as a 'desk' dedicated to meeting you requirements. These suppliers draw on complementary skills and candidates to take responsibility for supplying labour and filling vacancies from their databases. It's an approach that gives you the peace of mind that you're getting the very best people, without tying up your in-house procurement and HR teams.