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fortel owner sat nijjer Satvinder Nijjer
Shinda founded Fortel in 1998 after more than 20 years in the construction industry, where he originally started out as a labourer. As the then owner and Chief Executive of the company, he led its early growth and development, and was responsible for securing major client relationships, developing quality and workforce testing initiatives, and for launching the contracting division. He became Chairman in 2009 and now divides his time between overseeing the business and running a major Corporate Social Responsibility programme in the UK and India.

Mayor of West Midlands, Andy Street, met with owner of Fortel to discuss future development plans to improve infrastructure in the region.

The newly elected Mayor of West Midlands, Andy Street, visited Fortel on the campaign trail in the run up to the May 4 election. During his visit he met Fortel Director and Chairman, Mr Surinder Nijjer and Mr. Sat Nijjer for a presentation of our capabilities and a discussion of his development plans to improve infrastructure in the region. Fortel also supported his campaign during April's Vaisakhi parades in the Birmingham and surrounding area and Shinda said: 'Andy Street's infrastructure proposals offer us significant potential opportunities, and we look forward to working on bringing the public and private sectors together for the benefit of the West Midlands.'

To drive an apprenticeship programme in our local community, we are collaborating with Walsall College in a partnership designed to provide young people with a head start in our dynamic and rapidly growing business. During 2018, we will offer all apprenticeships through the college.