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Fortel backs Mental Health Awareness Week


Mental health issues can strike at any time and affect anybody, regardless of situation, status or income.

This week marks Mental Health Awareness Week, an initiative launched by the Mental Health Foundation with a focus on increasing support and awareness around these issues.

We are proud to work in many different sectors and take an open approach towards mental health issues across all of these - if you feel you need support from us, we will be there to assist in any way we can.

Construction, for example, can be a varied and rewarding industry to work in but it does have its own set of risks from a mental health standpoint.

Office for National Statistics’ figures show the risk of suicide among male labourers, particularly those working in construction, was three times higher than the male national average.

There has been a concentrated campaign to reduce these figures by raising awareness across the industry through campaigns such as the Building Mental Health initiative, Mates in Mind and All Safe Minds campaign.

The Lighthouse Club, which provides financial and emotional support to the construction community and their families, is an organisation we have a great relationship with.

We have worked to support the Lighthouse Club through a range of activities, including five-a-side football tournaments, hiking in Snowdonia and quiz events.

Each has done great work and with the theme of this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week being kindness, now is the chance to think about how you can make a small difference to those around you.

These small changes and gestures can have a cumulative impact.

At Fortel, we signed up to the Building Mental Health Charter in February this year to demonstrate our commitment to changing the face of the industry and the stigma still associated with Mental Health.

We have also supported various charities through our events such as Papyrus and our London to Paris bike ride and MIND via our Smoothie Bike challenge.

During the Coronavirus, we have used our Covid-19 toolkit to signpost our people towards assistance with mortgage support and furlough guidance, both of which we hope has helped to ease stress on our staff, workers and their wider communities.

The Lighthouse Clubs Construction Industry Helpline and Building Mental Health Portal are there to specifically help with mental health issues, so please do use these resources. 


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