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Focus on FIR Ambassadors


Our commitment to inclusion is reflected in our Diversity & Inclusion strategy and recruitment policies, as well as the charities we support through financial donations and support with activities.

We set targets to help us maintain this principle of fairness and inclusion throughout the workplace and offer professional training to help facilitate education on the subject within our workforce.

One of the ways we have done this is through ensuring our Senior Leadership Team are all Fairness Inclusion and Respect (FIR) Ambassadors.

FIR ambassadors promote a culture of Fairness, Inclusion and Respect within an organisation.

They are expected to embody the principles of FIR, which include the following:

● Working collaboratively

● Challenging negative behaviours

● Positively impacting workplace culture to improve the company as a whole, while attracting, training and retaining talent.

FIR Ambassadors are not limited to specific job roles and can be employed at any level of the organisation, however at Fortel, it is extremely important to us that all our staff are actively learning and building self awareness of any unconscious bias.

By ensuring all our Senior Leadership Team are FIR Ambassadors, we are able to share best practice and implement our values across all levels and sectors within the business, starting from the top.

In order to become an FIR Ambassador, each member of our Senior Leadership Team has taken part in a Diversity and Inclusion Masterclass, ensuring our overall strategy is backed by active, visible leadership.

An e-learning course on fairness and inclusion must then be completed.

We also host regular people forums and team meetings in order to discuss, listen and feedback on any Diversity and Inclusion issues.

Personal accountability is encouraged throughout the business via individual Diversity and Inclusion focused goals and objectives.

These objectives are prioritised just as much as our business objectives, to emphasise their importance to our entire workforce.

Personal development is also encouraged, with clear and transparent routes to career progression available for all, including internal promotions.

This focus allows a positive example to be set across the company, as it helps ensure a diverse and representational leadership team.

Our FIR Ambassadors have the explicit support of everyone at Fortel, and we are proud to be proactive in maintaining positive relationships based on kindness and respect throughout our business.

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