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A Look Back at Lockdown


When the UK went into lockdown as a response to the outbreak of Coronavirus, the instinctive reaction was a yearning for a return to ‘normal’.  

There was little time to plan for this radical shift but so many businesses have responded collaboratively and with great agility.  

Our sector is an agile one; we can design, model and integrate solutions remotely and we can manufacture off-site.  We can educate people around the controls and processes that will keep them safe.  

United by evolving Construction Leadership Council guidance as science and evidence emerged, the construction sector has maintained operations and played a key part in keeping business going. 

Collaboration and agility are the most powerful tools we have to ensure our long term response is considered and impactful. Our Government has backed this industry with investment and support over this period and now is the time to repay that faith.


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