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fortel owner sat nijjer Satvinder Nijjer
Surinder Nijjer established Fortel in 1998 after over 20 years in the development business, where he initially began as a worker. As the then proprietor and Chief Executive of the organization, he drove its initial development and improvement and was answerable for verifying significant customer connections, creating quality and workforce testing activities, and for propelling the contracting division. He became Chairman in 2009 and now partitions his time between supervising the business and running a significant Corporate Social Responsibility program in the UK and India.
As part of the continued commitment towards tackling environmental and social challenges facing the industry not just locally around Birmingham and the West Midlands but across the UK, Fortel's owner instigates a partnership with the Supply Chain Sustainability School. Fortel has a fundamental commitment to sustainability and in 2017 we secured partnership status with the Supply Chain Sustainability School, a construction industry collaboration between more than 60 major clients, contractors and Tier 1 suppliers to build supply chain skills. The school addresses the complete range of environmental and social sustainability challenges facing our industry, as well as providing guidance and resources to help eliminate modern slavery. Our specific initiatives in this area include investment in fuel-efficient vehicles to reduce our carbon footprint, reduced mail usage by going electronic and a major commitment to funding 100 apprentices, all of whom will be inducted fully into our values, at the heart of which is Sustainability.